How I started my blog

I AM a Writer

I have always been a writer.

Writing is just part of what I am made to do. It is in my DNA.

When I was growing up, I wrote poetry just because it made me feel good.

As I started having children, beginning at the age of eighteen, I abandoned writing for the most part. Five children and forty-four years later, I was left with some time and space and suddenly felt overwhelmed with ideas about all that I could write about.

My experiences had taught me so much!

I could write a book about parenting. I could write a book about autism. I could write a book about emotional healing. I could write a book about anxiety (I had even taught a class on anxiety relief). I had already written a short memoir about my brief experience with cancer. A couple of these books I had already started, but finishing a whole book just sounded too daunting at the time.

Feeling lost after the beginning of this year, I had been doing some very earnest praying about how to find some kind of specific intention and the motivation to stay on a path, instead of wandering from one project to another, never really making too much progress on anything.

One Thing Leads to Another

I can’t possibly tell you how many times in my life on this spiritual path I have come upon the answers to my questions in very unexpected ways. In fact, most often, what I need the most just shows up in front of me when I have completely given up on trying to figure it out.

Nothing happens by mistake. Every little detail of life is a preparation for the “something” that is coming. The perfect orchestration of the Divine Intelligence amazes and delights me every time, even though I have seen it at work countless times through out my life, especially the last 30 years.

I was sitting on the love seat feeling at a complete loss about where to put my intention. All of my guidance was telling me to focus my intention, but I didn’t know what I wanted my intention to be! I was in that space of surrendering, opening my mind, and just breathing in and out.

As I looked across the room into the dining room where I  pile boxes of music, and baskets and totes from various things that I participate it, I spotted a canvas tote that a friend had loaned me to carry the materials around for my anxiety class. Well, I thought, I will just sort out that bag for now and return it to my friend. 

I pulled the black bag with large white and gray spots across the room and sat on the floor in front of the television. Removing all the contents and sorting them on the floor, I was reminded of the success of my anxiety class even though I live in a rather small city and the attendance was only a few people at best.

The last thing I pulled from the tote was a spiral notebook with a few pages of notes I had written about an online seminar I had watched. This seminar was about blogging. I can’t recall why I watched it or when. Maybe it was months ago, or even a year. It was given by Jeff Goins, a man I had never heard of prior to the seminar, nor paid much attention to since.


I browsed the notes I had taken about building an email list and other details involved in a successful blog.

At the end of my notes, there was a notation that said matt@30dayblogchallenge. As I like to say, that was the moment when the cosmic tumblers fell into place, I felt the click, and I knew it was what I was looking for, and the very reason I was finally cleaning out the totebag. I knew that this was the help I needed to do some small and manageable writing pieces to get me going for the larger projects.

I started the next day, and I am beyond glad that I did. Matt and the 30 day blog challenge have proven to be the godsend I was waiting for.

A friend once told me about a place I could go to start a blog and I attempted to do it, but wading through the technical parts always became the obstacle for me. As soon as I hit a wall with laying the necessary ground work, I would give up and walk away.

The 30 Day Blog Challenge gave me everything I needed. They sent an email with an educational and motivational video every day. Lydia of Screw the Cubicle is in all of the videos, and she is just delightful. I looked forward to getting up every day and listening to Lydia.

All of the set up was explained in detail. Step-by-step, I have been able to make progress on wading through the technical steps in getting this blog going. The writing is the easy part for me, but I can see how this 30 day blog challenge will be great help for those who may not have very much inherent know how.

I still have a lot to work out in terms of making my page(s) attractive and using things like the email list and forms to get people reading my blogs, but in the meantime, I am just grateful to be doing some writing.

I used to watch my chocolate lab when I would throw the stick into the water for him to swim out and retrieve. When he got back on the grass, he would jump and frolic and shake water all over. It was almost like he couldn’t contain the joy he was feeling. “That,” I said, “is what it feels like to do what you are made to do.”

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to MATT  and LYDIA, and the              30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE for helping me do what I am made to do!



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  1. I read your third or was it fourth blog post first, and when I pressed submit – it didn’t send. So this is just a quickie to try again – great blog!

    1. Ah – so this one came through, but the first one didn’t. Will try again! You’re quite obviously a writer. You’ll be a teacher for me! Many thanks.

      1. Thank you Susannah! I checked out your blog, and it says you are an energy medicine worker much like myself, so I am eager to follow you. Let’s stay in touch! Yes, the writing thing comes easily to me. It’s the technology that slows me down a little, but I am determined to crack on! Cheers!

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